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Web Security

Internet protection for you and your customers

How can I secure my online presence?

The web can be a dangerous place. Identity thieves and other threats are lurking everywhere. You need to look out for both yourself and your customers. We know. That’s why NJHost offers two main channels of security: a Domain Privacy service for NJHost domain owners and a wide variety of SSL certificates to protect your site’s visitors.

A domain privacy protection service keeps domain owner contact information out of the public Whois database. Domain privacy is offered free with every eligible domain registration or transfer.

SSL certificates are the best way to protect your site’s customers against identity theft. And NJHost has a wide range of SSL products available: We offer basic to in-depth validation, for one site or several.

Why choose NJHost for security?

We’re committed to keeping the web safe for all users.

You get top-notch Two-Factor Authentication (U2F & TOTP) to keep your account secure, as well as domain privacy protection - all free of charge.

When you buy an SSL certificate from NJHost, you get a free site seal, 99% browser ubiquity, a money-back guarantee and all the data protection your customers demand.

Every NJHost product is backed by our rock-solid guarantee and friendly, knowledgeable 24/7 support team. Our vast Knowledgebase is also loaded with good information and available anytime.

Our SSL products range from basic to advanced, from single- to multi-domain. We have security solutions to fit every business and every budget.

With FastVPN service, you can change your virtual location to unlock the internet for secure and fast streaming, transferring data, and online gaming.

Work safe no matter your location or device with FastVPN service. Avoid leaking of information about your browsing activity.

NJHost works to protect our customers with comprehensive domain and account security.

Add an extra layer of protection to your account with NJHost Two-Factor Authentication (U2F & TOTP), free of charge.

SSL certificates must be installed on your web server. Therefore, an end-to-end SSL installation support is possible only in cases where the domain name is hosted with NJHost. If the domain is hosted with any other provider, please contact their support team for assistance with CSR generation and SSL installation.

Selected orders may be flagged for an additional “Brand Validation” procedure by the Certificate Authority. This is a necessary security measure. If the order is flagged for Brand Validation, SSL issuance will be delayed for a period of time deemed necessary by the Certificate Authority.

You’ll receive a domain privacy subscription absolutely FREE with every eligible domain registration or transfer. Withheld for Privacy provides subscription pursuant to its Services Agreement with NJHost. Terms and conditions apply. Visit the Withheld for Privacy Service Agreement page for details.

Domain privacy subscriptions can be used on domains registered with NJHost only.

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